Top 5 Causes of Commercial Water Damage

Top 5 Causes of Commercial Water Damage

Usually, most homeowners complain about water damage due to several reasons. But, it is also a fact that water damage is quite common in commercial bu

Usually, most homeowners complain about water damage due to several reasons. But, it is also a fact that water damage is quite common in commercial buildings, and they are not immune to it. In fact, according to the recent survey study by ‘American Housing Survey of the U.S.’ more than 85% of the office buildings experienced water damage in the past due to multiple reasons. Also, more than 45% of commercial organizations are still experiencing leakage.

Everyone knows that water damage is quite catastrophic and disastrous. That’s why; it is essential to consider Water Damage Restoration Toronto in the first place. One of the critical damages of water leakage/damage in any organization is that it affects your business physically and financially. And the ideal way to combat water damage is to treat it right away without any delay. For this, you need to identify the leading causes of commercial water damage as this way you can find out the most optimal solution for them.

Main Causes Of Water Damage

Do you know a strange fact of water leakage that can cost you around 250 gallons of water each month? So, can you imagine the cost of yearly damage? Indeed, it is devastating, and you need to fix it timely.

Here is the list of the top 5 causes of commercial water damage.

  • Damaged Sprinkler System

It is somewhat imperative for commercial entities to have an appropriate sprinkle system along with a fire alarm. It is installed in every commercial building with a fire alarm for better protection of the building. Remember, the sprinkler system should only get activated when there is enough heat from the fire. Otherwise, it starts damaging with time and stops working correctly.

If a commercial building has a damaged or broken sprinkler system, then it can get activated at any time, even without any fire alarm. Resultantly, it leads to over flooding in the building. If you want to avoid this disaster, you need to install a sprinkler system properly. Also, fix the sprinkler system if you notice a leakage or any other malfunction.

  • Roof Leakage

Indeed, everyone knows the importance roof as it protects the entire building from extreme weather (including heat, rain and storm). But a broken roof doesn’t protect your building from heavy rain and different other types of water damage. So, if the building roofs get old or damaged, we recommend you fix them properly. Otherwise, it can’t resist water leakage or similar damages.

  • Broken Appliances and Equipment

Indeed, every building has appliances including AC, water heater and washing machine etc. Moreover, each building has pipelines that can be damaged at any time due to several reasons. You need to check all the appliances and equipment of your commercial building as they need to function correctly. Hire a professional water restoration company or expert plumbers to fix the pipelines or such equipment properly. Otherwise, they can cause water leakage and can destroy experience furniture and equipment of a building.

  • Broken and Damaged Windows

Not everyone notices this issue, but broken/damaged windows are the fundamental causes of water damage in a commercial building. Moisture and rainwater can easily make their ways from the windows, especially if the windows are not well-maintained or require proper caulking.

Indeed, broken windows never cause immediate flooding, but they can damage the drywall, and resultantly the mould starts growing on the wall. So, fix the windows properly as this work can be managed on weekends. Don’t overlook the problem if you want to avoid all types of inconveniences perfectly.

  • Natural Disasters

Undoubtedly, the problems mentioned above can cause water damage in commercial building. Natural disaster (including hurricanes, floods, hailing, heavy rain) can cause flash floods.

Logged canals can lead water to stream towards your building’s foundation, making it challenging to avoid water damage.

Commercial water harm is a staggering issue that any commercial buildings can insight. While it is improbable to dispose of the dangers of water damage on your commercial building, realizing its most frequent causes will assist you with limiting the danger.

Undeniably, it is impossible to avoid natural disasters, but you can take all the possible preventive measures to reduce the adverse impact of such damages on your office building.

Bottom Line

It is always suggested to hire the expert and qualified water damage restoration company in Toronto because they use the latest tools and equipment to fix the problem like it never existed. Moreover, they provide the best practical guideline to avoid a similar issue in the future.

So, it is always preferable to notice the building’s minor inconvenience to shun the catastrophe in the future. This way, you can protect your building for a longer time.