Content Policy

The main reason behind the content policy is to give the reader a healthy space where they can share something really good and knowledgeable. For us, client safety and reliability come first. Our site reserves the right to erase or correct misleading posts at any time. Only posts that violate the code of conduct will be removed without notice. We do regular checks on every post and comments to maintain decency.

We operate to industry standards and thus implement very secure policies to protect you from any fraud or abuse of your information. Protecting our customer’s trust is our top priority for us.


It is against the site’s rule to threaten others through any post or comment on the blog. Don’t even try to post text / content on your blog that encourages readers to take action against you.

Adult content:

The adult substance is strictly prohibited on our website. Adult content contains videos, pictures that directly or indirectly promote nudity, any sexual activity, offensive language, etc. If any misleading material is found, we have the fact to edit or remove it. We also reserve the right to remove blogs that violate website policies.

Hate Content:

Any hate speech or review is not allowed through our website. If this happens, we reserve the right to remove the blog or to comment. However, if the content is found by other people to be abusive but does not really matter, it is not prosecuted.

Illegal activities:

Our website does not tolerate illegal activities on blogs. For example, if a blogger promotes activities such as smoking, or drinks and drives, or the consumption of illegal drugs, their contents will be removed.

Personal and confidential information:

Please do not use other personal and secure information and photos on our site. You are not permitted to post personal information such as mobile number, credit or debit card number, driving license number, and other personal data.


Users are requested to value copyright and do not use other copyrighted material without adequate consent from the proprietor. Also, make sure that you don’t supply any links where others can download copyrighted material without a license.

Child safety:

We do not allow serious abuse of children and sexual attraction. Anyone violating the rule will face strict action from our end. There is also the possibility that their accounts will be ended for all time.

Malware and viruses:

Bloggers are not allowed to post blogs or comments that broadcast viruses and pop-ups without prior permission.