How to Build an Extraordinary E-Learning Platform?

How to Build an Extraordinary E-Learning Platform?

The E-learning industry is trying to flourish for many years; however, the year 2020 raised a lot of interest towards the same. Not only educational b

The E-learning industry is trying to flourish for many years; however, the year 2020 raised a lot of interest towards the same. Not only educational but COVID-19 impacted many other industries in an enormous way. While many businesses broke to the ground, others rose higher than the sky, including e-learning.

Sure, staying indoors had become difficult for each individual. That’s when the educational industry grabbed the opportunity and emphasized building e-learning platforms more than ever! 

Have you realised the power of the eLearning market and want to build mobile applications like Udemy? Here’s what you need to know!

About E-Learning 

E-learning or electronic learning is a convenient method of delivering knowledge to students, eliminating the need to mark their physical presence. The classes take place online via smartphones, computers, or tablets, and offer the opportunity to learn at an individual pace. 

Benefits of Creating an E-Learning Platform 

Though there are numerous eLearning apps that already exist in the market, new ones are attracting many users because of modern functionality. 

Are you still confused about creating an eLearning platform? Read out its benefits:

1. The Flexibility of Time 

Online learning no more support cramming from textbooks, as traditional methods did. Therefore, it offers flexibility to users to learn at their pace and move ahead, which is one of the top reasons such platforms attract more users. 

2. Choice of Numerous Courses 

Students can be present at one place at a time. Therefore, taking up multiple courses didn’t seem to be an option due to exhaustion caused by physical presence. 

However, as courses are available online, students can learn from the comfort of their couch, making it much more convenient to enrol in multiple courses. 

3. Cost-Efficient 

Online classes eliminate the need to invest in traveling, accommodation, etc., when studying in a different city or country. Not only this, but eLearning courses are much cheaper than institutions, saving a lot of time and expenses. 

Tips to Build a Successful E-Learning Platform 

1. Bridge the Gap Between Traditional Approach and Modern techniques

The traditional educational approach demanded a teacher, learning material, and a learning environment. However, eLearning has completely changed the dynamics of education, making it an efficient digital approach. 

To build a successful eLearning platform like Udemy, you’ll have to emphasize bridging the gap between the traditional approach and modern techniques. 


For instance, educators’ availability online is one of the most effective ways to help students learn quickly and accurately. 

2. Enhance Content Management 

Now that education is no more restricted to four walls, eLearning platforms are associated with adequate content management. Educational courses are content-packed, programs need to be updated, and much more, due to which content management tools are required. 

Therefore, it is essential to keep the two following points in mind:

  • Easy-to-learn content management tools should be used to make it convenient for the editors to work with them.
  • Content management tools must be designed keeping in mind the existing content. 

3. Pick the Accurate Means of Communication 

Before creating your eLearning mobile app, it is important to figure out the means of communication. For that, decide your target audience- normal learners or physically-abled audience? Students or corporate learners? Once you’ve made your decision, integrate the rest of the features accordingly. 

You can also mix-and-match the means of communication, like reading material along with video content. 

4. Offer an Exceptional User Experience  

After you’ve decided all the bits and pieces of information, it’s time to create an application that engages a large audience. Think of innovative methods to keep online learning interesting, as well as informative. Notably, adding audios and videos will be the icing on the cake. 

Steps to Create an Efficient E-Learning Platform 

Now that you’re familiar with the benefits and tips to create a successful eLearning mobile app, don’t miss out on step-by-step working on the same. 

1. Determine Your Niche 

Focusing on the most common niches for online courses, like business, fitness., etc is likely to attract more users. It is suggested to check the demographic of your learners and offer content accordingly. 

2. Opt for a Business Model

Right before the development stage comes the planning about how you will monetize via your mobile application. Therefore, you need to select a business model, including the affiliate model, paid certificates, subscription-based model, corporate collaboration model, and paid courses model. 

3. Integrate the Must-Have features 

Every mobile app has certain core features that must be added to the same for enhanced functioning. Therefore, some of the most important features are as mentioned below:

Features for Student Profile 

  • Search: Enable users to search for categories or courses they want to take up. 
  • Recommendations: Suggests similar courses to users that they have already enrolled for.
  • Simplified and multiple payment options: The student’s profile must have simplified and secure payment options. 

Features for Educator’s Profile 

  • Dashboard: A dashboard is the main window where the educators can keep track of the students, study material, and much more.
  • Course updates: Instructors should be able to create, edit, and update the material provided to the students. 

4. Select the Development Approach

You must have answers to questions like which approach do you want to take up? Do you want to build the app from scratch or take over a ready-made solution? 

  • Custom App Development 

If you’re targeting a wide variety of audiences, building an app from scratch is the appropriate option. Undoubtedly, building an app will demand a lot of time and effort; however, you’ll be able to add features targeting every individual. 

  • Ready-Made App

There’s numerous open-source software available in the market; for instance, Canvas and Moodle, which consists of basic management features. However, it is not possible to make custom changes to the same. 

5. Higher Engagement 

An exceptional UI and UX are two important factors to keep the users hooked to the mobile app. Therefore, ensure that top-notch educators are coming together to deliver good-quality content, so that you could reap benefits from the same. 

Wrapping Up 

e-Learning has become a popular trend of the education industry, initiating distance learning and convenience. Its demand is constantly increasing, which means it is an awesome opportunity for businesses to grab the hint and use it to their advantage.

If you’re looking forward to developing an eLearning mobile app to meet your user’s needs, the top e-Learning app development company is rooting for you.

Reach out to the professionals for further insights and rule the industry with your uniqueness and business strategies.