SEO Outsourcing: Why It Makes Sense To Hire A Boutique/ Specialty SEO Firm, Than Doing In-House SEO

A report from Borrell Associates estimates that in 2020, companies in the US will spend approximately $80billion on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) m

A report from Borrell Associates estimates that in 2020, companies in the US will spend approximately $80billion on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing.

Although the market size is huge, marketers often struggle with creating and maintaining an effective SEO strategy.This article explains why it makes economic sense to hire a boutique/ specialty SEO firm:

Mid-Level SEO Employees Versus Experienced & Certified SEO Professionals

SEO staff in an organization work within the marketing team and usually number a few individuals who can be seen working in cubicles. Usually, they carry out SEO tasks between themselves and work fixed hours.

Compared to this, professional SEOs in a boutique firm develop a mid-to-long term SEO strategy for an organization and implement the strategy in a time bound manner with key milestones and goals. They know the tricks of the SEO industry inside-out and realize that their worth lies outside running their own show.

A Boutique SEO Firm Brings Expertise In SEO Outsourcing

SEO tasks can be complex since Google keeps changing its algorithms and for this an SEO professional from a boutique firm is most suited to track changes and implement solutions in real time so that the company’s website remains flush with organic search traffic.

On the other hand, an average in-house SEO employee may not be able to match the speed and expertise that is required to beat the competition.

Diligence And Focus On Deliverables

An SEO employee may regularly send you all the pretty SEO reports of tasks accomplished, rankings achieved, SEO traffic to website etc., but the question is whether they have actually been able to accomplish the goals and deliver results?

Boutique SEO firms on the other hand are driven purely by performance. They will share metrics of their work and how it has impacted organic growth. Moreover, they provide valuable inputs on strategy and direction related to SEO.

Monitoring And Goal-Setting

A specialty SEO firm does not require continuous monitoring. Moreover, it will set the SEO targets in close consultation with you and will then drive it’sefforts to reach those targets. At all times you are informed about what has been done and what the agenda is for tomorrow.

On the other hand with SEO employees, your time might be spent in monitoring their performance and watching over their activities. Wondering what they are doing, is a question that will always be at the back of your minds.

Conclusion – Choosing Between A Specialty SEO Firm And In-House SEO

A Specialty SEO firm is the preferred choice, but do keep in mind the below factors in order to arrive at a decision:

  • Experience of working with competitive search terms

Choose a specialty SEO firm that can show you verifiable case studies of successful campaigns that it has executed. Be careful not to pick a fly-by-night operator that shows you a few hand-picked statistics on low volume and low competitive search terms as proof of its success.

  • Open to sharing references

Select a specialty SEO firm that is ready to share references so that you can talk to it’spresent or past clients.  Any good SEO Outsourcing firm will be open to this request.

  • Openness to provide consulting

Work with a specialty SEO firm that is open to offer consulting and share details on what should be the SEO strategy for your company. This is important because each company is unique and what works in one industry, may not work in the other one.


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