Valuable Tips Before Buying Flats For Sale in Kolkata

Valuable Tips Before Buying Flats For Sale in Kolkata

Buying Flats For Sale in Kolkata

If there’s one thing that has always been on everyone’s list, it’s the desire to own a home in the city. Yes, dreams of owning flats for sale in Kolka

If there’s one thing that has always been on everyone’s list, it’s the desire to own a home in the city. Yes, dreams of owning flats for sale in Kolkata have been alive, even more so during the lockdown.

With more incentives and advantages given to buyers, there are a variety of reasons to book a new home today. Of course, affordable flats in Kolkata have become even more attractive due to this.

Amidst these benefits, how do you ensure that you’ve actually made the right call?

Listed below are 4 vital tips that are sure to help you get the perfect home in Kolkata.

What You Need to Know Before Buying Flats for Sale in Kolkata

Look into the legal status

Before getting into formal agreements, it is always wise to verify the following:

  • NOC’s and other approvals
  • Title Deed
  • Encumbrance Certificate
  • Occupancy Certificate
  • Release Certificate, etc.

Evaluate the actual property

A physical survery of the area will definitely help to a great extent. Whether confirming the actual area of the property or the quality of the interiors, there are a few things you must definitely cross check before buying affordable flats in Kolkata.

  1. Modes of transportation

While luxury apartments in Kolkata can be advertised with the finest of graphics, it all boils down to what helps your daily lifestyle. This is greatly important when you consider the exact location it is set in. So before you do decide to go all out, ask yourself these simple questions:

  1. Carpet area:

Space makes a huge difference and its not just about the residential project in Kolkata that you choose. Being the final usable area dedicated for families, the actual livable area inside an apartment is what matters eventually. So make sure you look at the carpet area in contrast to the setup and design.

  • How far is the nearest metro station?
  • Is there a railway station nearby?
  • How is the best way to reach your workplace?
  • What schools lie within easy reach?
  • How far do I have to walk for daily groceries?
  1. Amenities offered

Of course, your hard-earned money must go into making the best choice for the future and the standard of the amenities will help make that choice. Many luxury apartments in Kolkata now come with large open areas, gymnasiums; swimming pools, game rooms among others. Ensure that the project you choose aligns with the kind of lifestyle you wish to live.

Look into the builder profile

Whether flats in Barrackpore or anywhere else, it becomes easy to identify the track records of builders through various forums and social media outlets. This includes various considerations such as whether the builders deliver on time and whether or not the property itself has value down the line.

But there’s one important criterion that should not be overlooked.

There are also real estate builders that sit on unsold inventory and do not have enough financial resources to complete projects. This sign of instability prevents banks from financing their projects and as a matter of fact, some don’t even get loans at all. Once you know the list of banks financing a residential project in Kolkata, you’ll know that the builder can readily be trusted.

Check all possible costs

Buying a new home means living in a new environment, but that could also possibly mean more charges added to your monthly expenditure. This could be as simple as maintenance charges or taxes, or even a change in how you commute each day.

But equally important is knowing about the various types of expenses you may stumble upon before buying flats for sale in Kolkata. Here is a list of possible charges that may come your way:

  • GST charges
  • Stamp duty
  • Maintenance deposit
  • Home loan processing fee
  • Registration charges
  • PLC charges
  • Parking spaces
  • Miscellaneous charges

Buying luxury flats in Kolkata can be truly terrifying but if done right, it can be a beautiful investment for your family and your loved ones. If it’s about making the right choice, these 4 tips will help you to make the best possible decision that keeps your best interests at heart.

So go ahead, make your dreams come true with the perfect home today!