Top 3 Cement Products Making Waves in the Construction Industry

Cement- being the best adhesive when it comes to construction does include substances of all kinds to let properties stand the test of time. Cement of

Cement- being the best adhesive when it comes to construction does include substances of all kinds to let properties stand the test of time. Cement of this kind does include ground powders that are mixed along with water & made into a hard mass with the help of hydration to make a better surface area. 


Applications of Cement

The best cement brands in India go along with using cement as a standalone product, however some normally use mortar and concrete as well to make it be used as an aggregate. With the cement industry being the second most important industry with respect to the economic development of the country. Even though the cement industry had a very late start, numerous cement brands have gone ahead with making their name in the construction industry. 

Types of Cement

Cement normally used for construction does come under numerous categories. From natural cement, portland cement to blended portland cement, all these varieties do place an important role for themselves in the construction industry. 


  • Portland Cement normally is made by grinding a mixture of cement with grey matter and burning the mixture at a very high temperature- grinding them to create an impalpable powder. 
  • On the other hand, Ordinary Portland Cement also known as OPC cement tends to be the hydraulic binding material that is mixed with Portland cement clinker along with 6-15% of other binding materials. 
  • Portland Slag Cement, also known to be blended cement essentially does comprise of non metallic particles which is more than 90% glass. This holds to be the best type of cement used for mass construction. 


MP Birla Cement- The Best Cement Brand 

Birla Corporation Limited, a flagship company under the MP Birla Group does take construction to newer heights. With some of the best cement products in India, they make sure that their products do stand tall against their competition. 

With many brands under their hands, here are the top 3 cement brands under MP Birla Group that are superior in quality and overall ability. 


  • MP Birla Cement Unique

Being MP Birla Cement Unique premium brand under Portland Slag Cement is high in reactive silica. This type of cement does spread over larger surface areas and does make this leak-proof and durable. MP Birla Cement also does offer tamper-proof packaging to make sure that their products do offer a longer shelf life. 


This cement does come along with the following advantages:

  • Higher fine particles for more workability.
  • Low heat of hydration that causes lesser cracks in the near future.
  • Segression-free providing the best finish.
  • Resistant to alkali-aggregate reaction. 
  • Resistant to sulphate-attack


  • MP Birla Samrat Advance 

Being one of the most trusted brand in the cement industry, it does offer high quality cement in the market that provides the following benefits:

  • Contains a chemical raw mix that is designed to have a low level of alkaline content which does give it higher durability. 
  • Its high level of cementitious gel does reduce pores and protects steel to be exposed to moisture. 
  • The best cement brand does come with finer cement particles that provide that leak-proof and smooth long-lasting finish. 


  • MP Birla Cement Ultimate

MP Birla Cement Ultimate is premium brand of Portland Pozzolana Cement is rich in clunker, fly ash & gypsum. Being twice as refined as any other brand of cement, it is corrosion resistant as well  as contains minimal portions of alkali. 

Offering the best in terms of quality and strength, this cement does stand out for the following reasons:


  • Does contain Hyper-Active Additives that provide unmatched strength.
  • Does have a low-alkaline diffusion rate that slows down any harmful reaction. 
  • Low heat of hydration that reduces cracks.
  • Its tamper-proof packaging does keep the environment pollution-free.


MP Birla Cement- Simply the Best

With numerous cement suppliers in the market, only a few stand tall and one of them tends to be MP Birla Cement. Holding a legacy of providing the best cement in the market with varieties from Portland Pozzolana Cement, Ordinary Portland Cement as well as Portland Slag Cement, they ensure that their packaging as well as products exceed one’s expectations. So do choose MP Birla Cement for construction and other building purposes as it does provide you with quality and durability for years to come.