Some Facts About Joint Replacement Surgery

Some Facts About Joint Replacement Surgery

Some Facts About Joint Replacement Surgery:- If you are considering a hip or total knee replacement in Ahmedabad, here are some facts to know about this orthopedic surgery. In recent years due to the increasing improvement in new technology and techniques, joint replacement surgery has become one of the safest and most reliable processes over time.

In this blog, some facts about joint surgery at our Best Hospital in Ahmedabad are discussed. Before consulting the best knee replacement surgeons in India, one should be aware of these facts:

Joint replacement surgery is not the only option for the treatment of joint pain

Hip replacement surgery is recommended for patients suffering from hip osteoarthritis. This is a condition in which patients suffer from bone decay. Joint replacement surgery is also a recommendation for patients suffering from arthritis. However, depending on the severity of the case, our joint replacement surgery in Ahmedabad suggests that medicine and physiotherapy avoid the surgical process as much as possible. When all other methods of medical approaches fail to respond positively, hip replacement and knee replacement surgery are the ultimate treatment option.

Your post-surgery habits greatly affect the recovery process.

Our knee specialists suggest patients prepare their home for surgical recovery first. Patients must ensure that their path is clear, with no destructive elements, such as sharp objects, staircases, and their necessary items within reach. Make sure you select your recovery room which has the closest access to the kitchen, TV, sofa, and washroom. Also, keep your favorite books, medicines and remote control at your fingertips.

Surgery demands adequate rest

No matter how advanced the treatment process is Make sure you get plenty of rest. Consider some form of support for walking and avoid standing strictly. You cannot expect to run normally immediately after surgery. Even the best hip replacement surgery demands the right amount of rest. And proper physiotherapy during the early stages of recovery.

You need to strengthen your hip muscles

At Nidhi Hospital, we encourage our patients to consult with the best physical therapist to get an effective exercise plan. Each patient is different. What works on one patient may not be as effective in another patient. A professional understands this and, therefore, will recommend a customized exercise plan that helps you strengthen your muscles and hips and relieves pressure from the hips and knees during any movement.

This Surgery is a life-changing experience

After a joint replacement surgery, there are some habits you can have throughout your life. Remember that a new hip or knee has aged. Like any regular hip/knee, your newly replaced hip/knee will also come down. Make sure you avoid physical activities that demand pressure on the surgical field. Depending on the type of hip/knee changed, your age, health status, the recovery process, and daily habits, the age of the changed hip/knee can be at least 15-20 years.

To find out more about hip and total knee replacement in Ahmedabad, visit Nidhi Hospital or call us today to book an appointment with the country’s best orthopedic surgeons.