Shock Wave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction has been found to be both safe and effective.

Shock Wave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction has been found to be both safe and effective.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is plaguing many sex lives, and we can only hope that things improve. Male sexual performance enhancers are seeing a better

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is plaguing many sex lives, and we can only hope that things improve. Male sexual performance enhancers are seeing a better future because to advancements in ED medication and research.

The latest Low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy offers one such hope (Li-ESWT). It is safe and efficient for treating erectile dysfunction in males with mild to moderate symptoms, according to research.

According to Hussein M. Adeldaeim, MD, of Alexandria University in Alexandria, Egypt, and colleagues, “therapeutic effectiveness is most obvious among young patients with a short duration of ED and no accompanying comorbidities.”

A total of 425 patients with vasculogenic erectile dysfunction took part in this study. They were all treated with Li-ESWT using the PiezoWave2 (Richard Wolf) gadget. The Sexual Health Inventory for Men (SHIM) score was used to examine their ED issues.

SHIM comprised 5 questions with 5 possible replies ranging from 1 to 5. Every person in therapy had to answer these questions as accurately as possible. Individuals’ experience was measured by the sum of their answer scores, with 25 being the maximum possible score. The greater their erectile function, the higher their scores.

A 6-month SHIM score ranging from 22 to 25 was recognized as a successful treatment by the researchers. It can be concluded that guys with no ED conditions have the best health. Patients who took part in the test and had higher SHIM scores were tracked for around 30 months afterward.

After that, the Cohort was given a baseline SHIM score of 11.8 based on the sum of five questions ranging from 5 to 20. After six months of Li-ESWT treatment, 51.8 percent of the patients, or 220 patients, had satisfying sexual intercourse. Without using any PDE-5 inhibitors, their SHIM score varied from 22 to 25.

Many men utilize powerful ED drugs like Cenforce 100, buy Viagra online cheap, etc. after consulting with a doctor simply to seek temporary relief. Despite the fact that these drugs make men feel the power of sexual performance for 4 to 5 hours, they are unable to heal ED at its source. They are, however, enriching the lives of millions of men who have lost hope that they will ever be able to perform well in bed.

Similar treatments, such as Vidalista 20, Vidalista 60 are also effective in assisting men in staying hard for longer periods of time and impressing their lovers with a satisfying climax. The nicest part about utilizing such medicines or gel solutions is that they have the fewest adverse effects and come in a variety of age-appropriate formulations. But, how long will you employ this type of temporary relief? Will you ever be able to get rid of your ED?

This necessitates the search for a long-term remedy, and shock wave therapy is giving impotent men a lot of hope.

One thing to keep in mind is that men who have had ED for a shorter period of time and have a low pretreatment SHIM score, as well as no smoking, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, or hyperlipidemia, have a better chance of recovering from the Li-ESWT method. Dr. Adeldaeim and his colleagues have both confirmed this.

As previously stated 168 of 220 men were still having satisfying sexual intercourse at the 30-month follow-up and reported a SHIM score of 22 to 25. This means that without utilizing any PDE-5 inhibitors, 76.3 percent of men saw improvements in their ED symptoms.

Following that, these patients received 6 Li-ESWT treatments over the course of 6 weeks. During these sessions, each patient received 6000 shocks at an 8 Hz frequency, for a total of 6000 shocks per session. These shock waves were applied to five different areas of the penis: the dorsal surface, both curs, and both sides.

Apart from the shocks, men with erectile dysfunction were informed about the important lifestyle modifications they should undertake to naturally improve their ED situations. You may readily conclude that depending solely on Li-ESWT treatment will not result in good erectile function unless and until impotent men begin to adjust their lifestyles.

Low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy is more likely to be beneficial in erectile dysfunction patients who are young and have had ED for a short time, according to research. Furthermore, they should not be linked to any concomitant conditions such as hypertension or diabetes.

Should we assume that diabetes, hypertension, and other serious health problems endanger men’s sexual lives? Yes, Maybe!

Some study shortcomings, however, have been stated. The lack of a control group, who got sham treatment, as observed by the investigators, is one of them. There were also patients who were very responsive to PDE5 medications like Kamagra Oral Jelly and couldn’t tell the difference between PDE5 medications and Li-ESWT when it came to ED relief. is a website that you can visit.