How to Choose High-Quality Electric Bikes for Beginners

How to Choose High-Quality Electric Bikes for Beginners

When it comes to shopping around for high-quality electric bikes, it can be challenging and time-consuming for beginners. At Volt Rhino, we make it ea

When it comes to shopping around for high-quality electric bikes, it can be challenging and time-consuming for beginners. At Volt Rhino, we make it easy and simple enough for you to find your first perfect electric bikes.

In this article, we cover the basis to choosing a high quality electric bikes for beginners:

  • Choosing Between New or Used Bikes
  • How to Find the Right Bike Size
  • How to Find the Right Bike Wheels
  • How to Find the Right Bike Braking System
  • How to Take Bike for a Test Ride

Choosing Between New or Used Bikes

Electric bikes is just like buying vehicles. You might have already though of buying an used electric bikes at lower price. While it’s generally a good idea to buy an used electric bike, you should always perform inspection before buying one.

You want to ask questions like how many miles it has been ridden, when it was bought, and whether it has undergone any maintenance. Here’s a few tips to avoid having awkward conversation with the seller, you should get to know the following parts:

  • Know what parts needs to be replaced.
  • Identify minimal wear and tears.
  • Inspect the brake, wheels and systems to ensure squeaking noise can be heard.
  • Check to see if the bearing are stable at the front brake.
  • Shift the gears without any resistance.

When inspecting the electric bikes, be aware of noises as they can indicate defects. If you are not comfortable buying a used electric bike, you can always buy brand new electric bikes under $1,000.

How to Find the Right Bike Size

You need to be aware of the bike size whenever you shop for an electric bike. I always recommend buying an electric bike with adjustable seat height and handlebars because they are easy to adapt and lasts for a long time.

When you buy the wrong bike size, you will feel comfortable and find it hard to adapt. Plus, you also risk getting injuries like back pain, neck pain and becomes more prone to falling. Which is why it is important that you find an electric bike with the right size.

To assess whether an electric bike is a fit for you or not, make note of the following parts:

  • Size of frame
  • Quality of saddle
  • Pedal location
  • Height of the handlebars

Size of frame should match your legs when fully extend with some room to bend to deliver comfortable riding position. The location of pedals also needs to be able allow you to cycle easily without hitting the ground.

Quality of seat is also very important. You want to be able to sit comfortable while riding. In addition to that, the seating needs to be adjustable to bring better posture and help you maintain upright back position.

Lastly, you need to be able to comfortable grip the handlebars and have it match to your height. Many electric bikes comes with adjustable handlebars so this generally isn’t an issue at all.

How to Find the Right Bike Wheels

All electric bikes comes with various wheel type for different landscape. As a cyclist, you need to be aware of the wheel type and what you plan to use it for. Each wheel have their own performance, efficient and use when riding. In fact, there are several wheel types that you need to be aware:

  • Thin tires
  • Fat tires
  • Mountain tires
  • Snow tires

Thin tires usually is suited to city bicycling. They don’t handle rough landscape well and will tear apart easily if struck too hard upon rough impact. In general, they usually deliver better performance and efficient due to lightweight material.

Fat tires is ideal for those who prefers durability over performance. In general, fat tires can withstand rough impact and take beatings without issues.

Mountain tires is designed around extreme sports that delivers performance and efficiency.  Just like the fat tires, mountain tires handles rough landscape with ease.

Snow tires is made to handle snow landscape. They comes with slip resistance for better performance and has stronger traction compared to other wheel types.

How to Find the Right Bike Braking System

Another important factor that you need to take in consideration when shopping for high-quality electric bikes is the braking system. Poor braking system will lead you to accidents. Therefore, you need to have an electric bike with good braking system for fast response time.

All electric bikes comes with various braking systems such as:

  • Rim brakes
  • Coaster brakes
  • Fixed-gear brakes

The rim brakes is one of the most useful and efficient braking system. This is because they do not need that much of maintenance to operate. They are connected to the handlebars and when you pull the grip, it applies pressure to the braking system that slows your electric bike down.

Coaster brakes is the most basic form of braking system. Typically you find this in kids bikes. It works by pedaling backwards to slow down the bike and they do not require any cables or levers. It is basically maintenance free and can be done without using your hands. Although, coaster brakes don’t work too well against downhill slopes.

Fixed-gear brakes isn’t the most common braking system. Just like rim brakes, this comes with little maintenance requirements. To brake your bike with this braking system, you must apply with force of your legs and body-weight which will resist cranking the rotation.

How to Take Bike for a Test Ride

Before you buy one of these electric bikes, be sure to take them out for a test ride. This is the perfect opportunity to try out and see if you like it before confirming the purchase. A single test ride should be more than enough.

During your test ride, see how comfortable you are with the braking system, seating, handlebars, durability, maneuverability and controls. If you decide that you like the electric bike, you can go ahead and buy it.

Getting to know the quality, ease of use and controls of your brand new electric bike is essential to buying the right one for you. Without knowing all of these, how you can commute and travel without having a good time?

For in-depth reviews on popular electric bikes, Volt Rhino has plenty of recommended electric bikes for beginners — be sure to check them out!


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