Amazing Escape Room

Amazing Escape Room

Why are escape rooms so amazing and exciting? Who doesn't love puzzles, right? Maybe little dumb-dumbs who don't have the patience for it, but rega

Why are escape rooms so amazing and exciting?

Who doesn’t love puzzles, right? Maybe little dumb-dumbs who don’t have the patience for it, but regardless, puzzles are ALWAYS super fun. It’s even more fun when you can be in the puzzle. Well, that seems exciting. Let’s dig deeper, shall we?

There are many aspects of an escape room situation that make it exciting, the adventure, the thrill, & the challenge to name a few… But it also builds necessary personality skills like team spirit, critical & analytical thinking, and most importantly, observational aptitude. Here are a few key reasons why we love these games:

Opportunity for adventurous cosplays – 

Usually, in these games, the players play a character, someone adventurous, like Indiana Jones, a nuclear scientist, or even a zombie killer! This breaks us from our boring old routines’ monotony and lets us live out the fantasies or daydreams we have, mostly when we are bored.

Sharpens our observational skills – 

In an amazing escape room, that one room is a huge hocus pocus of clues and hints that solve the one simple yet elaborately complex puzzle, “How to get out?” One has to observe all the angles and think of all the options. Even a single escape room experience can help increase our observational skills significantly, helping improve our attention to detail in daily life. All in all, this benefits us by making it so that we don’t make silly mistakes daily.

Builds our team spirit – 

Most interactive theatre simulations are for a group of people, wherein they all attempt to find the solution to get out. Sometimes, each one solves an individual piece, or sometimes all cracking heads a significant problem. It makes us realize that we are still a team with one common goal even though we are all independent individuals. This helps us a lot in our professional lives in the long run.

Increases active thought processes during critical thinking – 

When we are stuck in critical situations, where we need to take multiple decisions all at once, time being of the essence, we tend to panic or freak out. In mystery junkies, however, we have a limited amount of time, and we get to acclimatize ourselves with pressured situations so that we don’t freak out in real life. It also has the added benefit that we tend to become uh-Hella-smart when NOT in a high-pressure situation!

All these reasons might sound a bit professional or too much “job doing,” but the truth is, there is a very excellent satisfaction component to solving a complex puzzle by piecing together all the tiny pieces and figuring out all the riddles. Studies have proven that puzzle-solving is a lot less prone to mental breakdowns and other problems.

But seriously, who doesn’t love puzzles, man?! everyone does, right? So, book your slot today at Breakout escape room.