6 Tips to Plan and Host a Successful Fashion Designer Q&A Event

6 Tips to Plan and Host a Successful Fashion Designer Q&A Event

For promoting businesses and fashion designers, organizing community events and raising funds a fashion designer Q&A event can help you a lot. The

For promoting businesses and fashion designers, organizing community events and raising funds a fashion designer Q&A event can help you a lot. The requirements for this event are:

  • A program that is well designed
  • A team that is perfectly coordinated
  • A general theme

Before organizing it, you need to think about decorations, music, date, location and theme and prepare a plan that includes all this. To run it successfully, there is a requirement of professionals of sound and lighting, coordinators of the show and designers in the form of an organized team. The success of your event depends a lot on the teamwork of these people. Here are some tips to plan and host a successful fashion designer Q&A event.

1. Select a venue that is appropriate for the event – As per the product mix and brand of the designer that is going to get featured in the event, you need to select the venue. Don’t pick a nightclub or a bar for a brand who has a large number of clients which are always ready to purchase its items. Select a nice restaurant or a hotel lounge for that purpose. There can be various people who want to host an event of this type. Like for highlighting a brand and driving traffic to the online shop, the event may be hosted by the online shop owners.

Now we need to think whether in a sitting position or in a standing position the moderator or designer will present the event. For maintaining the event’s flow, a proper consideration needs to be given towards this also. Everybody has to sit properly and listen to the presenter when he is going to present something with the use of multimedia. Sometimes it can be good to stand when the pieces are shown by the designer. Along with this a proper arrangement needs to be made for the standing or sitting of the guests. You need to think whether you have enough capacity for all these people and what technical equipment do you need.

2. Give proper consideration to entertainment, drinks and food As there are designers representing various brands in the event, so in order to give them a delighting experience you should include elements of entertainment and refreshments in the event. These elements are very important for the success of the event. The dresses of the guests can get stained with the sticky and messy foods and so you need to be very careful when choosing the various food items to be served in the event. Including food whose color is light can be a better choice. It will be good to prepare custom treats and have logos of the brand on the napkins of the cocktail but do this when you have enough money.

3. Allow the people to purchase in the event after perusing and touching There is a possibility of those kinds of people to be present in the event who take interest in buying or who are the chatters on social media. These people may take interest in buying certain items of the brand at the event. So, it will be good if you will make the arrangements for this purpose also. Give details of the various items including their prices and for this purpose you can add a presentation of multimedia. Along with this, including a photo shoot of the various items will be a good idea.

4. For the Q&A session you need to prepare your designer It is necessary that your client communicates effectively and confidently so that he can perform well in the Q&A session. Interesting and authentic answers of various questions need to be prepared by you. To prepare your client for the Q&A session, you can take the help of the moderator and he will make arrangements to get ready for the Q&A session. He will give certain questions and answers before the actual event and will ask the client to respond. From there the client will have an idea of what can happen in an actual event.

5. Perform an online promotion of offline events Some people cannot attend the event because of various reasons. For engaging those people, social media will help you a lot. On Facebook and Twitter, you can get questions from these people with the help of an event hashtag that you can use on these platforms. The brand’s information and photos of the event can be easily shared by the guests if at the event’s night you run a contest on social media.

6. In the morning after the event you have to reach the guests once again If the publicist doesn’t say thank you to the guests after the event, then it is not a good thing. In order to say thanks to the guests, the host should take their email addresses. By sending fact sheets, quotes, collection’s photos and digital lookbooks to the guests you can help them in remembering the event in the future also.

For hosting a Q&A event you can take the help of an Event agency


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