Why Do You Need A Kenwood Two Way Radio?

Why Do You Need A Kenwood Two Way Radio?

Kenwood two-way radios are a new type of two-way radio that brings innovation to businesses and organizations that wish to stay in touch. We sell Kenw

Kenwood two-way radios are a new type of two-way radio that brings innovation to businesses and organizations that wish to stay in touch. We sell Kenwood two way radios to a wide range of businesses, including airports, event management agencies, retail stores, and construction enterprises.

Kenwood two-way radios are efficient, secure, and dependable, with exceptional voice quality. Kenwood walkie talkies types and specialized units, both licensed and unlicensed, are available for use in practically any situation.

We offer the ideal Kenwood radio for you if you’re looking for a communication solution to boost productivity, cut downtime, or protect the safety of your employees or event attendees.

What is a two way radio?

Two-way radios, also known colloquially as “walkies,” are devices that allow users to communicate with one another in real-time. They use radio waves to communicate, meaning that they are not reliant on mobile phone signals. This means that they are often able to communicate in areas where mobile phone coverage may be patchy, such as remote locations.

You’ll find two-way radios used in almost every area of industry. For example, two-way radios are often used in retail to communicate between shop floor staff, warehouse staff, and security staff. They are also used in the transport sector, where they facilitate a continuous channel of communication between drivers and control staff.

When you are choosing a two-way radio, Consider all these points:

●     When you select a two-way radio, consider the power output when using a walkie talkies. For short-range, use low power output and the same for long-range.

●     Two-way radios work on radio waves, so consider the operating frequency when buying a walkie-talkie. Select a very high frequency (30 MHz to 300 MHz) that is suitable for long-distance use. While ultra-high frequencies (300MHz to 1000MHz) are best suited for a short distance,

●     Safety features such as the emergency alarm button, man down feature, GPS location tracking, kill/revive functionality, and remote monitor features should be there in your selection of two-way radios.

Why choose a mobile connection?

We have a lot of experience as a top provider of portable radios and radio rental services. Our clientele comes from a wide range of industries, so we can find the finest radios for every situation. We have the ideal solution for you, from specialist rugged radios to license-free portable radios.

Availability of products

Traditional DMR and completely automatic analogue/digital mixed-mode Kenwood two way radios are available. We have low-cost models as well as high-cost models with all the bells and whistles. With features like GPS, lone worker, man down, Bluetooth, messaging, and OLED displays, you’ll discover the product you require.

Benefits of Kenwood two way radios

There are numerous advantages to purchasing Kenwood Walkie Talkies, such as having access to units with long-lasting batteries or ones that can be submerged in water. The digital/analogue variants are ideal for individuals who want to migrate to digital but don’t want to replace all of their existing equipment at once.


Display UHF Digital Radio Kenwood NX-1300DE2

The Kenwood NX-1300DE2 is a tiny walkie talkie with up to 8 pre-programmable channels that are license-free. Despite its modest appearance, the NX-1300DE2 has an IP54 rating, making it dust and water-resistant, as well as meeting military standard 810.

This walkie talkie is one of the smallest Kenwood two-way radios, measuring only 46 x 85 x 21mm and weighing only 110g. It fits into any compartment or even pocket.

You can program the device to push to talk (PTT) or Vox hands-free with an earphone inserted, and the function buttons on the face of the radio make it exceedingly straightforward to operate.

Analogue & Digital NX-1300DE3 DMR UHF Kenwood Two-Way Radio

The Kenwood NX-1300DE3 is a walkie talkie that may operate on analogue networks without a license. You have a total of 6 analogue channels split between these two networks.

The NX-1300DE3 is equipped with the most up-to-date digital audio technology, providing improved sound quality over analogue predecessors while reducing background noise. This device includes an AMBE+2 Vocoder, which clarifies and enhances your speech while also increasing coverage by 20% over analogue systems.

The 1-watt audio output provided by the integrated BTL amplifier and the large speaker means your voice is both louder and clearer.

Kenwood TK-D840 UHF Digital Mobile Radio

The D840 is surprisingly durable for its size, weighing only 210g. Due to a precision-tuned RX section and an optimized antenna, this license-free two-way radio not only has an astounding range of 9 km but also makes communication crisp and clear.

The TK-D840 can be easily programmed by the user without the need for extra software, allowing them to adjust the channel frequency, QT tone, and DQT code.

The TK-programming D840s may also be tweaked without the use of any additional software, including user customization options for channel frequency, QT tone, and DQT code.

There are many reasons to buy a premium-quality Kenwood two way radios for your business. We have discussed the major benefits of two-way radios and the best Kenwood two way radios. If you are not sure where you can buy the best quality two-way radios, visit Radiotronics, the one-stop shop for all types of two-way radios and services related to them. Shop for the best Kenwood two way radios today and establish secure and clear communication with your team members in all sectors, whether they work in a construction company, a power plant, a mall, or a security agency.


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