Top 5 Anonymous Texting Apps

Top 5 Anonymous Texting Apps

Nobody is a stranger to texting these days. Thanks to the widespread availability of services like Spectrum Mobile plan and affordable smartphones

Nobody is a stranger to texting these days. Thanks to the widespread availability of services like Spectrum Mobile plan and affordable smartphones, texting is a common way to communicate all over the world. But while most people don’t need anonymous texting, businesses and other organizations may make use of them from time to time. Large-scale enterprises can choose to build their own systems to meet this need. But smaller firms can still make use of anonymous texting apps to save on costs and maximize efficiency. Sometimes, even individuals that want complete privacy also choose to use anonymous texting applications. The 5 apps in the list below are some of the best to try out if you are looking for cheap ways to anonymously market your products and services. Read on to discover more.

1: TextMe – Pseudonym and Dummy Number

An extremely popular and stable app, TextMe offers a great deal of communication privacy and protection. One of its many features is the use of a virtual number to send anonymous texts instead of your real registered phone number. The app is particularly popular among users in North America, especially in Canada and the United States. The application can also let you video call other users that use the same application. All you have to do is choose your pseudonym and a texting number. Following this, you should be able to send anonymous texts, make anonymous calls, and even make video calls to other users. Bonus: You can communicate anonymously with people in over 200 countries.

2: Second Phone Number – Virtual Phone Number

Second Phone Number is one of the best anonymous texting apps available today. Creating a virtual phone number lets you send anonymous texts and make anonymous calls over Wi-Fi. The app also supports sending multimedia messages or MMS to users without revealing your identity. Moreover, if you choose, you have the option to disclose your identity to recipients like qualified leads or clients. Bonus: The application comes with useful tracking features already built-in, helping you manage client conversations.

3: Free Tone – US and Canada Only

Free Tone is another useful app when it comes to anonymous texting. Unfortunately, it only works in the US and Canada. And it only allows you to communicate with other users on the same app. At the same time, the app may require you to opt for the unlimited voicemail plan before you can leave voice or video messages. But on the plus side, all you have to do is install the application and pick a virtual number. Once done, you can start to communicate with your contacts on the app right away. Bonus: The app comes with a broad range of stickers and media-sharing options.

4: Hushed – Temporary Virtual Number

Hushed is a great option when you want to use apps that require a phone number without giving out your actual phone number. Hushed creates a virtual number for you temporarily, that you can use to signup for (or sign in to) dating apps, travel apps, and business subscriptions. The app also includes additional features, like strong privacy protection, internet access, and the ability to dispose of a temporary number when you no longer need it. Bonus: No contract needed for verification to use text, MMS, and voice calls.

5: CoverMe – Encrypted SMS Texts

The CoverMe app is the final option on this list of anonymous texting apps. CoverMe is a great application to explore, especially with all the different privacy protection features it offers. The app has a high-grade encryption standard that protects user identities from eavesdroppers. It allows you to send private messages, disappearing texts, and secret messages as well. The app can also help you track activity by recording call/text logs, personal contacts, and more. You can even unsend or recall messages without leaving a trace. Bonus: The app lets you choose a virtual number as well as a decoy password as an additional layer to protect your privacy.