Top 10 Grocery Delivery Services Worldwide

Top 10 Grocery Delivery Services Worldwide

Top 10 Grocery Delivery Services Worldwide Top 10 Grocery Delivery Services Worldwide: Kovid-19 has been a major challenge for people across the worl

Top 10 Grocery Delivery Services Worldwide

Top 10 Grocery Delivery Services Worldwide: Kovid-19 has been a major challenge for people across the world as lockdown and quarantine conditions have confined them to their homes. In those days, finding ways to store essentials was a big challenge considering that it was very dangerous to step out of your house.

Eating healthy during COVID-19 is important for a strong immune system, which is why people are resorting to cooking their own meals at home instead of ordering food delivery online. Grocery delivery services have become a savior for everyone during the lockdown.

According to a global magazine, while grocery delivery was trending even before COVID-19, it has seen an influx of users since the outbreak of the pandemic. It is the grocery delivery services that have successfully helped people self-isolate and social-distance.

Here are the best grocery delivery services around the world that you should know about.


One of the best grocery delivery services for whole foods lovers who prefer to shop locally. Instacart charges a $3.99 delivery fee for orders of $10 or more, and delivery is free with an Instacart Express subscription. It is available in 40 states across the US and delivers groceries within an hour. Instacart also allows users to pick up groceries at your local store.

Grocery delivery services also offer personal shoppers who pick up all the requested items from whichever store you choose. The app is connected to stores like Costco, Whole Foods Market, Fairway, Petco, CVS, etc. The app offers free delivery above $35 and users can order from multiple stores in a single order without any additional fees.


FreshDirect is the best grocery delivery service on the East Coast and serves New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Washington DC. and provides services in Pennsylvania. The app charges a delivery fee of between $5.99 and $15.99 to deliver groceries, prepared meals and even alcohol in some areas. Apart from this, people also ordered small plants for home decoration during Corona.

The app delivers high quality and organic groceries making it one of the best grocery delivery services. It allows customers to order their groceries 7 days in advance or the night before delivery. The minimum order required to order on the FreshDirect app is $30. The app offers delivery of over 3,000 food products from local farms, dairies, fisheries, etc.

Amazon Fresh

A leading grocery delivery service provider, Amazon Fresh delivers groceries to more than 2,000 cities. The app requires membership with Amazon Prime to order groceries and offers free delivery for orders over $35 and charges $10 for deliveries under $35.

You can order groceries from Whole Foods, local retailers and Amazon Fresh partners and get delivery within an hour. An Amazon Prime subscription requires a payment of $119 per year to use the grocery delivery service, however, if you already have a subscription, it is not necessary.

Walmart grocery

For Walmart shoppers, the store has launched its grocery delivery service called Walmart Grocery. The app is available in 1,600 cities and charges a delivery fee of between $7.95 and $9.95 if the user does not have a membership. With Walmart Delivery Unlimited

Membership, grocery delivery is free for users. You can shop for everything Walmart has to offer, including clothes, electronics, etc., using the Walmart Grocery app and get same-day delivery. If you live near a Walmart store, the app also offers the option to load your order into your car from outside the store.

Google Shopping

If you are looking for the best delivery service for non-perishable items, Google Shopping is the right app for you. The best thing about the app is that it delivers everywhere and is not limited to specific locations. Delivery is free with a minimum order of $35, and users don’t need a membership to order groceries on Google Shopping.

Some stores available on the app offer same-day delivery via UPS and FedEx. The app offers delivery of various items from various stores including Target. You can buy items like pasta, beverages, fruits, canned vegetables, snacks, refrigerated vegetables, etc.

big basket

Big Basket is one of the best grocery delivery services and a leading supermarket shopping app in India. The app offers delivery to over 25 cities across the country enabling users to shop from a range of over 20,000 products.

You can buy vegetables, fruits, groceries, organic products, household essentials, pet care needs and much more. The app usually offers delivery within 24 hours, however, you can also choose a date and time slot as per your convenience.

the ship

Shipp is the perfect grocery delivery service choice if you want to shop from multiple stores. The app offers delivery to more than 200 cities and charges $7 for orders under $35. Users also need a membership to order groceries from Ship which costs $14 per month or $99 per year.


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