The Case of the Missing Website

The Case of the Missing Website

Local businesses can only go so far in terms of success if they haven’t expanded their reach online. Setting up a beautiful website is a must to grow, but it’s useless if it’s missing from the first pages of the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Regular customers will likely see the business’s new website quickly since they already know of the name, but the site won’t be able to attract new customers. Many people type in the keywords of the services they need, and new websites don’t land in the first pages so soon.

A great website is excellent for a growing business, but it’s virtually useless if people need to dig through too many pages to see it. Companies might have decided to get a website because others are doing it, while others may have genuinely wanted to expand, but they might not be able to bring in new customers and orders.

Businesses will need to invest in marketing their services online so they can drive traffic towards their website. Google doesn’t place anything on the first pages of their search engine result pages just because a site is beautiful, but because it’s the most relevant that people might be looking for. A website can only convince Google to place it in the first pages if they use SEO or Search Engine Optimization strategies.

By having both an attractive website and compelling content, a company can convince Google to recognize that their site is relevant. However, businesses might not have the time and resources to learn more about SEO, so outsourcing is their best bet.

An NJ SEO company can help a company’s website be visible for its target customers by slowly and surely placing the site in the first pages. The SEO company will continuously produce content for the company that’s geared to drive traffic towards it using keywords that are easier to rank.

SEO campaigns take time to accomplish, but through the monthly reports sent in by an SEO company, businesses will see that their site is slowly reaching the first three pages. Businesses can thank an SEO company’s link-building, guest posting, and website promotion activities for the change.

Search Engine Optimization is a tried and tested technique that helped many companies in the past place their websites in the first pages of Google’s search results pages. See Landau Consulting’s infographic to know more how a business can keep their sites from going missing from the first pages.