starch producing companies in nigeria

starch producing companies in nigeria

Ifgreen Foods an Agro Processing Company that produces Fortified food for Healthy living at affordable prices within your reach in Nigeria. To be one

Ifgreen Foods an Agro Processing Company that produces Fortified food for Healthy living at affordable prices within your reach in Nigeria. To be one of the foremost indigenous brands in Nigeria and a market leader in the industrialization of cassava in sub-Saharan Africa.


The factory is designed to operate continuously, three shifts per 24 hours, for 300 days per year. The total output capacity is 20mt tons per day or 6,000tons per year of High-Quality Cassava Starch (HQCS)


The plant being designed for our factory is based on well tried and tested modern technology.


The manpower required to run the factory for both skilled and unskilled labour is about 80 persons.


Our plant is judiciously operated with the technical oversight of professionals from the equipment manufacturers and IFGREEN staff.


With a team of experienced and versatile professionals and consultants in the agricultural industry, IFGREEN Industries & Investment Ltd was incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission to carry on the business of farm development, agricultural production, processing and marketing. The Company´s primary focus in her early years of operations is to engage in commercial farming and industrial scale processing of cassava into High Quality Food Grade Cassava Starch (HQCS) for manufacture of industrial and consumer goods.

To visualize and to further emphasize our strategic outlook, IFGREEN is guided by an inspiring mission statement –
“Engaging total agronomic management practice for best yield and benchmarking against global standards in operations and service delivery”.

This tagline expresses our ultimate promise to our stakeholders in a concise and compelling way.

One of the cardinal objectives of the company is to open up new frontiers in the cassava industry through an aggressive focus on both mechanization farming approach and modern industrial-scale processing technology. We are modelling world-class practices in creating a production value chain for farm produce using innovative processes.

We understand that our key success story will depend a lot on the strategies deployed to ensure constant supply of raw material from the first day the factory will commence operations. However, our serious and dedicated approach in gradual development of our nucleus farm will not only serve as a model farm but also for multiplication of improved stems to support our out grower scheme. We would also support small holder with tractorization, provision of inputs, organize training, we identify reliable farmers on the scheme and link them to banks in order to access funds faster to enhance their productivity.

Our products are grown according it’s to the organic food principles, and is 100% safe for you to cook and eat.

What makes our products even more special is that we plant and process every product with best standard practices and ensure quality assurance prior to shipping the orders, so that our customers get the best experience only!

IFgreen Industries and Investment Limited has a diverse pool of top notch management supplemented by a highly competent, diligent and driven work force. We have leading commercial scale cassava farmers who are core part of our team.

The proprietor possesses a strong business and leadership record across board. He is a dynamic entrepreneur with deep sector expertise and a passion for the F.M.C.G sector.

He has been successful in managing and running several organizations within the African business landscape including a shipping & logistics servicing company among others and has the potential to provide leadership in the agribusiness sector.

Our team is made up of an experienced farm manager and operation manager and also engages the services of consultants to assist in the operations. Our team also comprises of a plant manufacturer to manage the plant for 24months from inception.

IITA supervision is a major boost to our team efficiency. Working with IDH has helped sharpen the investment strategies of the entire project.


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