Small Business Ideas you can easily start in Dubai at a low cost

Small Business Ideas you can easily start in Dubai at a low cost

What is a small business? In brief, A small business could be a partnership or a sole proprietorship business that does not require hiring many emplo

What is a small business?

In brief, A small business could be a partnership or a sole proprietorship business that does not require hiring many employees and does not make much profit like regular corporate companies.

Few things to know about Dubai.

Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the world popularly known for tourism and Business because of its tax haven and strategic location that eases the import and export of goods from different countries. The city of Dubai is also known as a luxurious place with the most beautiful skyscrapers and advanced infrastructures.

The luxurious life of people living in Dubai makes some entrepreneurs think that it is hard to penetrate in Dubai business market fearing that it is unaffordable, and they may need to invest much money.

The stereotype labeling Dubai as an exorbitant city for investors is not always veracious because there are proofs of Dubai entrepreneurs who have a booming business while they have started with small investments.

As an entrepreneur who plans to establish a new business, there are few things you have to know about Dubai, and you may get surprised that business setup in Dubai could be a less expensive and easy start than in your country.

Why start a company in Dubai?

Dubai is a city where you will find many business opportunities and facilities that you may not find in other developed cities and countries.

Apart from being a touristic and business hub. The city of Dubai is known for simplifying the process of starting a business. Moreover, the steps for getting a residence visa and work permit for foreign nationals are among the easiest in the world.

Forming a company in Dubai

There are three types of companies you can form in Dubai which are Mainland companies, Freezone Companies, and Offshore Companies. After deciding which company type you want to open you have to follow all the formalities and steps required for registering a new company in company Dubai.

Business vs Tourism in Dubai

Business and Tourism are the two pillars of Dubai’s economy which generates billion of US Dollars every year for investors who choose to establish businesses in this beautiful city. Both activities contribute enormously to Dubai’s economy, and it is hard to tell which one of both generates higher revenue for Dubai Government.

Dubai Tourism

Dubai is a tourist attraction city that amasses over 13 million tourists every year who come from different countries to visits different touristic places, the tallest buildings in the world, seven-star hotels, fancy shopping malls, artificial islands, deserts, and many more.

Business in Dubai

Dubai’s Government is known for easing the procedures of opening a new business which makes it one of the business-friendly cities in the Middle East and the world in general. Additionally, the UAE government has amended a new law that allows foreigners to set up a new business with 100% foreign ownership which has become a huge boost for foreign investors who wanted to invest in the various business industries without involving a UAE national as a shareholder.

Some of the small businesses you can setup in Dubai.

  • Trading Business
  • Restaurant
  • Consultancy
  • Tourism
  • Restaurant management
  • Trading Consultancy
  • Technical Services
  • Real Estate Brokerage
  • Electronic Trading

Trading Business

Trading is a business that consists of buying goods or services at a lower price and selling them to customers at a higher price. To start a trading business in Dubai is easy if you know the specific products or services you want to sell and the market where you will find the customers who will likely buy your products or services. The advantage of the trading business is that Dubai is one of the cities where you can purchase any type of products exported from different countries at a good price.

Restaurant Business

Restaurants in Dubai are among the most profitable businesses because most of the people who live in Dubai are workers who do not always have time to cook rather, they prefer to eat in the restaurant or to order food online. Therefore, Dubai hosts millions of tourists every year and most of them do not have time to cook as they prefer to order food online or eat in restaurants.

Additionally, the population and the size of Dubai are other facts that make restaurants more profitable. Dubai size is 4,114 Square Kilometers and the recent census reports from UAE government shows that Dubai has a population of 3.41 citizen. This number does not include the high number of tourists who visit Dubai every year.

Consultancy Businesses

Consultancy is a business that does not require huge investments, equipment, or infrastructure. All you need is to master your consulting field then you can easily register your consultancy business and start making money.

Tourism Business

Dubai is a strategic city for entrepreneurs who have a passion for the tourism industry. Tourism is one of the booming businesses Due to the huge number of tourists who visit Dubai every year. The statics shows that every year Dubai hosts nearly 14 million tourists from different countries.

Restaurant Management

A restaurant Management business is an easy-to-start business for experienced restaurant managers as all you need is simply registering your company starts searching and convincing the restaurant owners how you can improve their restaurant businesses.

Trading Consultancy Business

A trading consultancy is a business that helps businesses find the gaps affecting their performance by advising them how they can close those gaps. Starting a trading consultancy firm requires few formalities and it is affordable as it does not require huge investments.

Technical Services

Starting Technical Services does not require huge investments all you need is to master your technical field and find the necessary equipment and tools you need then follow all the formalities of registering your company in Dubai.

Real Estate Brokerage

Some people do not know that starting a Real Estate Brokerage firm in Dubai is easy and does not require heavy investment. What you need is to register your business and find an office then start your business. Recently UAE government has amended the law that allows foreigners to open a Real Estate company with 100% foreign ownership which made it easier for foreign nationals to start a real estate brokerage business.

Electronic Trading Business

Electronic Trading in finance is an online trading that involves computer software to match buyers and sellers to facilitate online payments. Online payments involve currencies, bonds, investments, stock exchanges. Starting an electronic business in Dubai is easy to start because it does not require expensive equipment and infrastructure.