Reasons Your Own Website Is Killing Your Sales

Reasons Your Own Website Is Killing Your Sales

Indeed, a website triggers your online presence strategy and lets you market your business online. A website is an integral part of your business mode

Indeed, a website triggers your online presence strategy and lets you market your business online. A website is an integral part of your business model, helping to establish credibility for your business as a brand.

93% of purchase decisions get triggered by Search Engine search!

Well, this stat is sufficient to know the worth of a website, but there is another side of the story also. 

A website can KILL your sales

OUCH! That hurts, but it is the fact, as missing out on certain essentials can curve the spine of your business revenue funnel. Now you must be wondering how is it possible even when a website is developed with all the required essence, then how is it POSSIBLE?

There are many aspects that involve together and help a business to run its website efficiently, failing to which it only creates a perfect recipe for disaster. 

Don’t lose hope, as we are here to provide you a solution that can help you build a scalable web solution addressing your business needs effortlessly. Here in this post, we have collected a few major reasons that can create havoc on your website, and the measures to answer those hurdles.

Let’s grab a quick look at this post further and understand what you can do to win the battle.

Website isn’t mobile responsive

We all love to access the services around us on our smartphones, which has somehow become a personal assistant for us, letting us study products, search competitors, make purchases, and even get on-demand service. In such an environment, if your website is not mobile responsive, then surely it is going to put a question mark on your business and will slow the sales funnel. You must embrace the mobile responsive design, so different users using different modes of devices can access your services.

Many businesses consider this to be a futile step, as they are under the impression of having recommendable traffic at present, but sooner or later they are likely to face the brunt of lack of users’ involvement with their website, as it is not mobile responsive. So it’s better to take action today!

SEO will help you win the race

SEO is not a magic bullet that gives you results instantly, but it certainly has the magic that lasts the longest possible. The keywords utilization within the website content boosts the SEO ranking on search engines. You can use different keyword search tools that serve best for your industry type, optimize the meta titles and description, and even include them in the content marketing, and just see how beautifully it would change your website ranking.

Unsecured website

Do you know a secured web URL increases the confidence and credibility of your business, and gives your users a reason to build trust in your brand? If your website fails to achieve this aspect and does not provide a secured URL, then sorry to say but they are never going to build trust on your portal. You can easily gain it by attaining an SSL certificate, which further helps you boost ranking on the search engines as well.

Further, don’t miss giving CTA, where users can reach out to you through different modes of contact types, it can be an email, physical address, or even a telephone number.

Cluttered navigation

Today’s users are very demanding and picky, they don’t need ages to decide whether they want to continue with your website or not, but they require a fraction of a second to make that decision. Here, the navigation plays a huge role, letting them find the convenience factor of your website and gives them a reason to stick on your web portal. You need to offer a CLEAR and CONCISE message through your web navigation. This enables the users to understand the flow of the website and get what they are looking for in a jiffy of a moment. Every page of your website must have clear pictures and relevant content to help users find what they are looking for.

Slow website speed

40% of users prefer to switch to another website if the response rate is more than 4 seconds!

That sounds horrible, but it is the fact that you cannot avoid it in any given situation to win your users’ interests. To combat this issue, you need to integrate quick hosting, that does not have any constraints related to memory and bandwidth. Also, you can reduce the HTTP requests by limiting scripts and images on the website.

Embracing the change is the key to success!

To let improved conversion rate to happen on your website, the best practice is to adapt to the changes. The market around is constantly evolving, and if you want to grab a bigger chunk of the revenue pie, then you need to assess and work upon the significant changes that are happening around. Get these changes embraced and bring a successful website for your business into existence.