Palm Springs to do

Palm Springs to do

Many places have now opened after the long wait of the lockdown in Palm Springs, giving you ways to enjoy your stay there. Make your own Palm Springs

Many places have now opened after the long wait of the lockdown in Palm Springs, giving you ways to enjoy your stay there. Make your own Palm Springs to-do list for the weekend and make your stay memorable! Here are some of how one can enjoy one stay at Palm Springs like Go for the Palm Canyon Drive, Enjoy the Palm Springs Walk of Stars, Visit the International Banana Museum or enjoy playing at an Escape room. 


Now further, we are going to discuss the Escape rooms. Why are Escape rooms so exciting?


Remember how we grew up playing video games like Super Mario, GTA, etc.? It’s not the storyline that made these games interesting or popular; rather, we had to click around, explore, find clues, and complete certain tasks or missions to win the game. This is because humans, in general, are very interested and curious about nature. Imagine implementing a similar mystery and excitement approach to a room with four walls in real life. This is where the concept of an Escape Room is so relevant and successful.


According to research conducted by Eventbrite, 78 % would rather spend money on a desirable experience than a tangible item. Over 70% indicated their favorite memories are from a live event or experience. This is precisely what an escape room gives you. It’s not just a game; it’s an experience you share with the people around you, bringing everyone closer in the process. When you are locked in a room with others and given an hour to get out, there are a lot of things you get to learn about each other while having the time of your lives. Values like teamwork, confidence, and spot thinking are some of the takeaways that people generally get out of this experience.


Another aspect of escape rooms that I feel is very underrated is what it does to education. It provides a space for people to learn new things through finding clues and solving puzzles. It is important to note how escape rooms can be a great medium to understand a particular person’s analytical and creative skills, and it’s worth considering how this can be implemented in the education curriculums and even for job recruitment. At the end of the day, escape rooms are designed for leisure and as a source of entertainment, but wouldn’t it be great if this can also be something that can be used to change how people think of education in a great way.


Escape rooms have come a long way; it’s not just a room of clues and puzzles anymore. It is fascinating how much technology can impact something like this, especially with virtual reality and sorts. It really opens up the whole possibility of experiencing what it would be like being somewhere entirely different, even in the comfort of your home. The use of this technology in escape rooms can be considered a ground-breaking creation. It provides people with enhanced experiences to already what exists and takes the level of thrill and excitement to the next level.


At the end of all this, it basically comes down to this: Escape rooms are made for anyone and everyone, no matter what age, caste, gender, to divert them from whatever is happening in their lives and give them the experience to share with the loved ones that they will never forget. That’s what makes Escape Rooms so exciting.


In last, Palm springs is blessed with exciting escape rooms with different themes. So, choose as per your taste and enjoy your short trip to Palm Springs this weekend! Make your stay worth cherishing by going for those adventurous hiking trails that are conducted here!