Office Cleaning Plan for Healthy Workplaces

Office Cleaning Plan for Healthy Workplaces

An employee’s physical environment determines the quality of work they can do in a day. A clean and organized workplace certainly creates a productive

An employee’s physical environment determines the quality of work they can do in a day. A clean and organized workplace certainly creates a productive and work-efficient atmosphere, but an untidy office can have a huge negative impact on their overall performance.

Aside from decreased productivity, poor housekeeping in the office can lead to several occupational hazards such as tripping over loose objects, slipping on wet surfaces, or falling objects from poorly stacked items, all of which can lead to serious injuries. Failure to disinfect the office can also lead to the spread of infectious diseases in the workplace. Regardless of position, everyone is at risk of experiencing these and no one should wait until someone suffers the consequences before changes are made for the better. 

The unending tasks and responsibilities at work may leave little to no time to declutter the workplace, but allotting at least a few minutes every day to check up on the state of your working environment definitely wouldn’t hurt. If excellent employee performance is a priority, managers and supervisors need to make sure that their workers’ physical environment will contribute to achieving that goal. 

With that said, we have prepared an office cleaning plan to make sure that everyone in the workplace is safe from any hazard and will feel comfortable enough to work productively throughout the whole day! This plan covers not just the cubicles and conference rooms, but every place in the office where an employee has access to. Whether you’re an employee or a supervisor, you can use our cleaning plan as a guide to maintaining a healthy workplace!


Anyone entering the office first sets foot at the lobby, that’s why it’s essential to keep this as clean and welcoming as possible. Make sure the floors are mopped or vacuumed. The glass doors have to be spot-free, but make sure to use a safe cleaning solution that doesn’t release any fumes. Disinfect any furniture, door handles, light switches, phones, or any surface that is touched often. Trash cans should always be emptied every day. 

Conference Rooms

The floor needs to be completely dry before any meeting. Wipe the boards clean after every meeting. Disinfect meeting tables and office chair all the time. Always place a trash can within the room. Store any electronic equipment used during presentations properly to avoid damaging the unit.


Same with conference rooms, the floor has to be dry at all times to prevent anyone from slipping. Empty trash cans as soon as they are full. Dust and clean office furniture and make sure to disinfect, especially if cubicle sharing is a norm at the workplace. Cubicle sharing happens when more than one employee uses a cubicle on varying shifts in a day, which increases the risk of transferring bacteria and viruses if every shared item is not properly disinfected.


While employees technically don’t work in pantries, almost everyone spends an hour at most in this spot during break time. Remind your co-workers not to leave any food debris in the sink to prevent clogging. Clean dirty dishes as soon as you’re done eating. Make it a habit to clean and disinfect the microwave. Remove any expired food from the refrigerator. Always empty the trash cans to prevent food waste from developing a foul smell. 


In keeping the restrooms clean, you may have to converge with the janitor to ensure utmost cleanliness in the restroom, such as choosing which cleaning solution, bathroom deodorizer, or toilet papers to use. You can help maintain cleanliness on your end by throwing waste on the bins instead of flushing them down the toilet (which can cause clogging) and using hand sanitizers every time you touch the door handle.

The bottom line

Keeping the workplace neat and tidy can improve productivity levels, and following this office cleaning plan can improve every employee’s performance, which leads to the success of the company and eventually boosts their morale to keep going. It’s a healthy and organic cycle that every office should consider.