Let’s Get Deep Inside Ffxiv Gil Online

Let’s Get Deep Inside Ffxiv Gil Online

Gil is an invaluable asset in Final Fantasy XIV. It allows players to purchase expensive items and transport, bypass difficulties more easily, and

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Gil is an invaluable asset in Final Fantasy XIV. It allows players to purchase expensive items and transport, bypass difficulties more easily, and enjoy their gaming experience even more.

There are various methods available in-game to players for earning Gil. Popular strategies include currency flipping, crafting, and completing leves and side quests.


Gil is the primary currency in FFXIV and allows players to purchase weapons, gear, mounts, houses and furniture. Gil can be earned through quests, guildleves, dungeons, duty roulettes or selling items via Market Boards.

Gathering or crafting is the most efficient way of earning a large sum of gil, but these methods require time and investment in getting going. Questing also offers significant returns while progressing through story events quickly.

Another great way to gain cheap ffxiv gil is through the Challenge Log, which rewards small amounts for tasks that do not require too much energy or focus. Finally, having an abundance of Gil can provide players with a fun goal to work towards that allows them to port around freely or purchase catch-up gear quickly to move through content quickly.


Final Fantasy XIV players spend money on housing, furnishings, food to store up, gear for dungeon farming or cosmetic items such as minions and mounts. While there are ways of earning Gil in-game, most players prefer purchasing it instead for convenience and efficiency.

Gathering remains a popular method for earning Gil, particularly at the beginning of each patch cycle. Crafters can quickly rack up millions of gil each week simply through gathering materials and gear that are highly in-demand.

Housing, gardens, Free Company workshops and regular quests all present regular ways for players to make Gil. By investing time into each of these methods of earning Gil, players could add tens of millions per week; but as with any industry competition there may still be the issue of players undercutting prices on the market board and creating less lucrative prices than expected for each product on sale.


Gil is the currency that fuels Final Fantasy XIV players’ adventures, providing access to equipment upgrades and repairs as well as flights. Players also use Gil to invest in their glamour, mounts and housing as well as purchase desirable glamour jobs that distinguish their characters in this game.

Miner and Fisher jobs offer reliable sources of gil. By undercutting other players on the market board, these professions can bring in regular income streams. Other ways include dungeons, FATEs and Duty Roulettes as well as Beast Tribe quests and races – not forgetting player housing gardens or Free Company workshops which also generate income regularly.

Being equipped with ample gil enables a player to play their game as they see fit. They can easily port around the world, skip difficult difficulties they find uncomfortable and stockpile consumables for later use – or use it when reaching endgame content to purchase catchup gear or new mounts.


Assuming you want to become a top player in FFXIV, having access to plenty of Gil is crucial. Not only will it enable you to purchase weapons, equipment, and mounts more quickly; but it can also allow for rapid character enhancements.

Players in Final Fantasy XIV can earn Gil in several ways, including completing quests, guildleves and farming. Furthermore, killing enemies in dungeons and selling items to NPCs for profit also earn gil, while Company Seals can also be exchanged for Gil.

An abundance of FFXIV gil can help you level up faster by purchasing top gear, or catchup gear if you haven’t been keeping up with recent content. Gil can also be used to upgrade Crafters so they can meld more Materia to produce higher quality gear, as well as purchase food buffs and consumables in cities or other locations where Market areas exist.

Duty Roulettes

While there are various methods for earning FFXIV Gil, crafting is one of the more consistent approaches to earn it. Gathering can also provide some gil, though depending on your level in game it could take longer. FATEs and Ventures offer quick ways of earning significant amounts of Gil quickly.

As another way of quickly earning FFXIV gil, players may use Duty Roulettes. These roulettes provide rewards ranging from items and currency; however, please keep in mind that these roulettes must be completed alone and only by those with battle mentor status.

Player housing can also be an efficient way to earn Gil in Final Fantasy XIV. House prices range from as little as 2 million up to 42.5 million for larger plots; additionally, decorations, furniture, and mounts can all increase its value significantly.


Retainers are NPC allies that can be assigned specific tasks by players, including gathering, crafting and fulfilling FATE and Duty Quests. Retainers also allow players to store items in their inventory and increase durability beyond what can be accomplished through Mender NPCs.

Retainers can help players generate FFXIV gil more efficiently via the Market Board by undercutting other players’ prices or creating expeditions which yield high-level items at far reduced rates than what would cost on the market. These strategies can be particularly effective before an upcoming patch arrives.

Retainers can also be used to purchase equipment, weaponry, furniture, housing and even mounts. Furthermore, retainers can be used to purchase Guild Marks to unlock discipline-specific abilities, Allagan Tomestones to advance in Free Company levels, and company seals to receive unique equipment or other rewards.



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