All about Xinjiang Medical University

All about Xinjiang Medical University

Xinjiang medical university was earlier called as Xinjiang medical college. The university offers 25 special courses for under graduation and 17 cours

Xinjiang medical university was earlier called as Xinjiang medical college. The university offers 25 special courses for under graduation and 17 courses for academic one. More than 50,000 students have received education at the university. The university is spread in an area of 3 million square feet or 1954.6 acres of land. The academic staff at the University is around 1500.

Composition and Structure

Considering the present status, the University has 8 medical colleges named as the medical college, Vocational College, continuing Education College, nurses Training College, Pharmacy College, basic Medical Sciences college, traditional medicine college, and Public Health college. To take admission in a post-graduation degree from the university, you need to complete at least a 7-year course. The affiliation of the university is with all the hospitals available in the region. It is a wonderful advantage for the students aspiring to take admission in the university. It will be helpful for them in creating a choice for an internship. The facilities provided by these hospitals are in the direction of internship placements, training programs 47 years for postgraduate students, clinical teaching, and last but not least, and supervision of students of international background.

The Faculty Members

The teaching staff members of the rank of professors and assistant professors are more than 1500. The employees who are not related to teaching are around 4000. The University has launched 400 positions for supervisors for master’s and doctorate students.

The Campus

There are multiple buildings on the campus that was built in the era of Russia in the region of Xinjiang. The university is now completely modernized and has all the facilities including training centres, hospitals, canteens, and a library. Laboratories our experimental and they have all the modern and latest facilities for processing bio-information.


The library alone covers around 16000 meter square and it has more than 1 million books. The library gets over 13000 journals and periodicals not only in the Chinese but other languages also. The university has arranged a connection with the partner’s Harvard Medical internationals library database along with 6 book databases. The library can accommodate over 2500 readers. The library also provides electronic access to more than 350 readers. The first floor is for borrowing and lending counter for the students, electronic LCD s, anti-theft computed system entry, main readers’ area, etc. The second floor is dedicated to two foreign languages department. The third floor is for the books of Social Sciences, Chinese medicine, Western medicine, journals, and newspapers. The fourth floor is for the books of Chinese and western literature and foreign language reference books. The fifth floor is for the control room of the online book database and Harvard University Medical e-library Centre. The 6th floor is for the conference room and the office of the librarian. If you want to do MBBS in China, the university is the best for you.