4 Pointers to Find the Best Residential Flats in North Kolkata

4 Pointers to Find the Best Residential Flats in North Kolkata

The city of Kolkata is the perfect juxtaposition of modernity and tradition. Almost every lane, or nook and cranny is filled with the old charm of arc

The city of Kolkata is the perfect juxtaposition of modernity and tradition. Almost every lane, or nook and cranny is filled with the old charm of architectural treasures amidst state-of-the-art flats in Kolkata. This city is home to a plethora of cultures, artistic brilliance, splendid architecture and literary legends and here, every person can find a home and fit right in.

North Kolkata in particular is known for its old rustic allure which is prevalent with all the essentials of modernity. Many residential projects in Kolkata are coming up in this region as homeowners prefer quaint places with modern homes and good connectivity intact.

Purchasing a home is a milestone for many. Years of hard work, planning and investments goes into purchasing a dream home. Whether you are purchasing the flat for sale for residence in Kolkata or for investment purposes, the selection process and other requirements to finalise it is indeed a considerable amount of commitment. Hence you should check all the parameters that need your attention and checklist a couple of tips to know that you are moving in the right direction. 


Here’s how you will find the find the best residential projects in North Kolkata :


  • Choose a reputed builder 

A number of real estate companies are securing their position in the real estate market and bring ample benefits to the standards of living. Choosing a well reputed brand is wise as it makes everything comparatively easier in terms of selecting a flat in Kolkata. Although choosing a particular real estate brand is tough as one is spoiled with choices, it can be easier if you narrow their amenities down. 


Check if the real estate developers have a good track record of experience and consistency for their previous projects. Next, look into the quality of construction along with the timely delivery of homes and if they are extending the latter beyond what is acceptable. Also ensure to check the additional array of modern amenities and perks typically offered by the brands. 


  • Location is of utmost importance

    Kolkata is a city that has been developing rapidly and along with it, its IT parks and working professionals are rising too. This is why it is important to select a flat for sale in Kolkata that is close to commercial and entertainment centres, schools, colleges, groceries, hospitals, etc for convenience.  Besides that, the property’s location also plays a part not just on the market value of the property but also on your standard of living. For instance, flats in expensive residential areas come along with benefits such as good connectivity and security.

    Another valuable tip in terms of location is to choose a flat in a region where future connectivity plans such as a proposed metro line or expressway is being considered. In addition, also ensure that the roads connecting to the flat and the in-roads are well-built and well-maintained. Real estate projects such as Windmere offer multi connectivity through NH 34 & BT Road along with effortless connectivity to NSC Bose International Airport.
  • Keep an eye on your budget

    The first step one has to manage when purchasing a residential project in Kolkata is to check their affordability and budget. Ask yourself how much you can afford and based on that check out the price of existing flats. Besides that, also take into account other expenses that you will require.

    To carry these steps out, one can shortlist the type of houses based on the budget and further compare the prices of the properties from various builders. This can be achieved by drawing a comparison based on property listings from portals, newspapers and brokers.
  • Security and privacy concerns

    Flats on the lower floor are considered unsafe in Kolkata as they are more easily accessible by intruders. Hence this makes them comparatively unsafe when compared to flats on the higher levels. Therefore, an important tip is to thoroughly check the security arrangements of the floor that you wish you stay on.

    Furthermore, one should also check other security arrangements of the overall project, taking into consideration the CCTV installation on the floors, fire safety as well as the corridor space available in front of the flats, etc. 


Your home will have an immense impact on various factors surrounding your life right from your happiness to your standard of living. So choose wisely and always do ample amounts of research before settling for a property. 


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