ICSI Treatment in India: Everything You Need to Know

ICSI Treatment in India: Everything You Need to Know

ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) Treatment is the best fertility treatment to treat the causes of male infertility. This is a procedure that is specially designed for the men who are dealing with male infertility causes and they are not able to conceive a child even with the fertile women. If you are one of them then it’s high time and you should visit the best ICSI hospital in India where you will get the best male infertility treatment which will assist you with fulfilling your dreams of having an own child. ICSI has gradually risen as another successful treatment to deal with problems related to infertility, especially in men.

When you came to know the truth that you are the one who is unable to conceive a child with a fertile woman then it became difficult for you to digest the truth. This is the time when you need to work out on your situation by taking the assistance of skilled infertility specialists and leading ICSI hospitals to fight against your male infertility factor. Your fertility specialist will advise you to undergo the ICSI Treatment which is a standout amongst other male infertility treatments and will allow you to become the father of your own child.

Continue reading to know how ICSI treatment is helpful for individuals facing problems related to infertility.

ICSI Treatment

Despite the fact that ICSI treatment is like IVF, the technique utilized to accomplish fertilization is diverse in both the techniques. In the IVF process, the sperm and the eggs are combined in a dish and the sperm naturally fertilizes the egg. However, to accomplish the same, a large number of active high-quality sperm is required. Nowadays, many couples are facing issues related to infertility because of a lack of suitable sperm required to fertilize an egg. Consequently, in such cases, the conventional IVF process may not be effective. ICSI treatment offered a ray of hope to infertile couples who have not benefited from other infertility procedures.

ICSI Process

In ICSI, an individual sperm is injected into each egg for fertilization under the watchful observation of an expert embryologist in a laboratory setting. Because of the benefits of ICSI, a large sample of active sperms isn’t required as the sperm is injected into individual eggs. It is vital to comprehend that although ICSI is an effective infertility treatment, it doesn’t ensure fertilization like natural fertilization.

ICSI is perfect in the following conditions:

  • Low sperm count
  • Unexplained infertility issues
  • Abnormal sperm or sperm with low motility
  • Presence of unwanted antibodies in the semen
  • Previously failed fertilization cycle utilizing conventional IVF
  • High level of antibodies in sperm

The various phases of ICSI include:

  • Ovaries are stimulated so that the eggs mature and grow quickly
  • Eggs are retrieved
  • Eggs are fertilized as well as the culture of the embryos
  • The embryo is then transferred to the uterus

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